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We cannot count how many times we get the piece of advice “You can be successful only if you choose a path, set a goal and get adhered to it”

Just think if that chosen path is full of turns and twists and the journey becomes a series of experience of bitter truth. The sideways are no lilies but the that of thorns waiting to pierce your dream.



Even if there is a full stop .. there is a new beginning ahead if we are determined . Let’s start afresh …instead of lamenting over the broken dream let’s gather the strength, tie the loopholes and stand up with the courage to draw a bigger line for ourselves as well as for entire world.

That’s how Pari lives .. so what if

her life turns from a fairytale into a harsh reality. She is not prepared for what life has in store for her. But wait until she stands out as firm as rock and emerges as .. a woman of substance.

Going through all the ups and downs Pari makes a special place in the hearts of readers. Her strong character evokes love and respect, and for sure it is a must read! SO WHAT , the novel by Ms Sonal Sonkavde is not a story of a woman only ,but it is the story of a human being who loves the essence of life .

                                        –       Sudakshinaa



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